First Row of The Season

March 1st, 2017: I feel the need to get on the water before April arrives. I arrive at the club around 4pm to drop some stuff off and after looking around for a couple of minutes, I shoot Jer a text: "Rowing with the kids tonight?". It's a bit grey. Perhaps a bit drizzly. Maybe even a bit windy. 5degreesC though...not bad!?. His obvious response comes back immediately. "Yep".  Although not necessarily the foundation to build a lifelong relationship on, it sure is fun when you share the same passion for an activity as the other adult in the household. It also makes any explanation of activities some might feel are ridiculous, unnecessary.

Spring Rowing in Muskoka

Either the kids share our enthusiasm for the plan, or they just know they won't be able to change our minds. We rush through dinner, don some warm clothes, go to the club, squeeze the kids into life jackets and hook them up with a fender on a rope for a bit of entertainment to drag behind us. We sidestep the overturned coachboats, not yet in for the season, and launch for a quick spin.

I am SO looking forward to this rowing season. With coaches all lined up, programs almost ready to be posted and always a few exciting changes, it's looking to be another great year. Looking forward to see all of you soon...and to meeting any new rowers ready to join in on the fun!