Tank Day!

Today was tank day for Rosseau Lake College rowers. This year again it has been reinforced how much difference a couple of hours in this facility can make to those learning to row or focusing on technique changes.  

The coach has the ability to be right beside the rowers, walk up and down and make sure that technique pointers can be acted on correctly. 

Since we do sculling only at Rosseau Lake College and all of the rowers this year will be in singles, the drills you can do in a tank are so beneficial when you are not trying to balance a boat for the first time. When we are initially on the water, the temperature of the water is frigid and the first two weeks are spent just trying to master staying upright and getting some speed in the boat, so to be able to focus on technique without yet having to worry about balance has such benefits. 

This year, we have a new coach for the school, Erin Storosko, who will also be coaching during the summer with Hatchets. 

We also got a chance to go check out the Peterborough Rowing Club, both mine and Erin's old stomping grounds.  

Thanks for a great day!


Peterborough Rowing Club

Peterborough Rowing Club