More Handprints On The Dock

Last Tuesday we had our annual Indian River Relay. As usual, we selected teams the morning of the race with a similar skill level across all teams. We had four teams vying for their hands to be painted out on the dock. Teams line up facing each other with the feet lined up on the footprints, hands off the boat. Once the time starts, the first rower of each time get in with the help of their team to race around the first channel marker down the river and back, approximately 600m. Each rower has to get into the dock, switch off to the next rower and when all of their team mates are back and on the dock in the foot prints the time stops.

Our first two teams lined up with Wade and Honor facing off for the first 600m loop around the channel marker. After a quick transition, Wade switched with Ellesmere, our youngest rower of the day at 9 yrs old. Honor switched with Tina who was off chasing Ellesmere down the river. Ellesmere handed off to Kennedy and Tina to Jeremy, anchors for their team as they rowed the home stretch. Jeremy was back not long before Kennedy to qualify them for the final round.

Next up, we had Elaine, Noah and Lily rowing in one shell and Darwin, Shari and Kathy. After a bit of a rocky start and some swimming, Elaine and Noah managed to get back into a good position and Lily finished it off. Darwin, Shari and Kathy also had a strong race, and coming in a bit ahead, save their energy for the final in the end.


In the final, Honor and Darwin, Ellesmere's older sister and brother were head to head off the start. Shari and Tina had a strong second piece and lined up Kathy with a 75m lead against Jeremy going into the final stretch. With 3 yr. old Gavin in the boat with him, Jeremy started to chase down Kathy for the 2017 hand print title. He gained some on the first stretch, but Kathy took the inside lane on the turn and in the end got back to the dock with 50m to spare.


Thanks to everyone for a great day!! Get your calendars out and book off Saturday August 18th, 2018 morning for next years Indian River Relay.