We run custom rowing sessions for groups or individuals with or without experience! We have a broad range of shells to choose from so whether you have a group that are all rowers already or you’d like to just get out on the water and try something new, this is your best choice. We start group rowing sessions at 1hour in length but are happy to have you rowing for as long as you’d like! Rowing is more stable than canoeing or kayaking because we have big long oars attached to the boat that stabilize you.

This is not a learn to row program, it is a group rowing session catered to your group. We provide enough instruction to make sure you are comfortable maneuvering on the board, but not so much that you won't get lots of time on the water. You'll get some great exercise, try a new sport, and have lots of fun.

Want us to bring some rowing shells to you? Call and ask. We are flexible enough to make anything work, we just love people rowing!!

CALL 705-765-1939 and ask for kathy