New this year, all our registration can be done on line.

While you're at it, check-out our lineup of rowing equipment and clothing.


LOGIn/registration for our customers

Our 2017 Programs have been posted. Since this is a new system, you will need to create a login the first time using it. Sorry! But, with this login comes new functionality. :
- See which sessions you've attended and which sessions are coming up on our mobile app (click the "Get Mind Body" Below)
- Schedule personal coaching sessions, programs or register for drop in rows from your phone on the go
- No more back and forth email to see what time slots are available!

Plus, since we'll have so much more time available, we'd love if you still wanted to call or email us directly:, 705.765.1939. We are still here and we still like talking on the phone...just trying to cut down on the paperwork and make your lives a bit easier!

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