Fitness Rowing

Our fitness rowing classes focus on fitness and rowing technique, and allow for a broad range in skills from those who have just learned to row to those who have been rowing for years. We use touring (open water) rowing shells which are wider and more stable than our racing shells, but which still allow for a great feel in the water and a great workout. All of our rowing is done using sculling shells (2 oars each), with most of our rowing done in singles (single person shells). For those would like to row in larger boats with a partner or group, this is also available.

Each row starts with a planned distance and individual technique focus. Everyone rows at their own pace and the coach travels from rower to rower providing coaching, giving feedback on times or technique or giving some peaceful rowing time, all depending on the rower. For all our regular rowers, a short video clip of each rower’s stroke is done twice throughout the season if they would like, for the rower’s eyes only, to allow rowers a first hand look at their technique.

We ask that participants either have current sculling experience or have completed a learn to row program either with Hatchets or another club. For those who have not completed a learn to row program and would like to schedule it ahead of time, please check out our learn to row program. Not sure? Give us a call and we can help you decide what's best!

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