Junior Scullers


Our Junior Scullers classes focus on technique, fitness, water awareness and fun. Many have used this to get a jump start on high school rowing, or just to improve on technique and fitness and enjoy the sport on our beautiful waterways. Typically rowers are between the ages of 9 - 16, but we have had some younger depending on many factors. If you're son or daughter are excited to row, we'd love to introduce them to the sport. During the course of the sessions they attend, we work on rowing technique, row in various rowing shells, swim from the boats, play games to work on maneuvering and in general develop excellent rowing in a fun environment. For those that are interested, they have a chance to row in racing shells as soon as they are ready.

We ask that a learn to row program either with Hatchets or another club is completed prior to joining this program so that we can make the most of every session! For those who have not completed a learn to row program and would like to schedule it ahead of time, please check out our learn to row program which can be completed prior to our junior scullers program starting up!