Lily Baker Port Carling, ON written: 2018

Lily Baker
Port Carling, ON
written: 2018

Lily Baker

“Find yourself, one stroke at a time,” there truly couldn’t be a better motto for Hatchets Rowing Centre. I began rowing when I was 12 and have been training with Hatchets for six summers. I started in the Learn to Row program and after my first few visits, I knew the club was a positive and fun space to become involved in. Through excellent technical coaching, fun practices, and being challenged to push myself both physically and mentally, Kathy and Jeremy coached me to become a competitive rower.

Fast forward a few years, through excellent coaching, personalized training, and a ton of fun on the water, my summers now revolve around the rowing club. Morning rows have become the best part of the summer; nothing beats watching the sun rise on Lake Muskoka during a hard practice. Thanks to Kathy and Jeremy and the positive atmosphere they’ve created at Hatchets, I’ve been able to grow, not only as an athlete but also as an individual, and “find myself” through rowing and everything the club has to offer.

The youngest of the three Torrance children, Ellesmere Torrance - 11 years old Testimonial written: 2018

The youngest of the three Torrance children, Ellesmere Torrance - 11 years old
Testimonial written: 2018

The Torrance Family

As collegiate participants in rowing programs who have spent countless hours on beautiful lakes, we were eager to share the beauty of the sport, and the perfection of time on the water, with our children.  During our visits to Muskoka, one of our favorite places in the world, we often thought the lakes would be a perfect place for rowing.  Imagine our excitement when we found Hatchets, tucked inside Duke's Boats in its early years, offering an opportunity to do just that.  Hatchets and Kathy have been incredible.  Dedication to the sport, kind and encouraging coaching, and professional excellence have made learning to row a fun and rewarding experience. We were amazed by how quickly the kids progressed and, as you can see from the short piece our then second grader wrote after her first exposure to the sport, the experience made a big impression!  

Ellesmere’s Grade 2 School Work

Ellesmere’s Grade 2 School Work

Brian Atkinson Port Carling/Toronto, ON written: 2016

Brian Atkinson
Port Carling/Toronto, ON
written: 2016

brian atkinson

"For the spring, summer and fall of the 2015 and 2016 rowing season, I have been fortunate enough to work with coaches Kathy McCarthy and Jeremy Fowler of Hatchets Rowing Club in Port Carling. As a university student at Brock in St Catharines ON I was introduced and really enjoyed participating in the sport in an 8 person rowing shell. Fast forward to the present in my 60's,  Kathy and Jeremy trained me in how to develop and improve my stroke and general technic in   a single scull. The Indian River in Port Carling is well suited for rowing. The training, goal setting  and feed back is clear and  geared to each participant. The camaraderie that evolves dockside and out on the water is both supportive and good fun. I feel very fortunate that Kathy and Jeremy have easily reignited an interest and a commitment to an activity that I enjoyed in my younger days. I look forward to the 2017 season."

Brooks Entwistle Singapore written: 2016

Brooks Entwistle
written: 2016

Brooks entwistle

“I have been rowing with Kathy for five seasons now, and it is without question one of the highlights of my summer and the best workout one can get while at the cottage.  I was a long lapsed college eights rower, and Kathy (with her endless patience) got me back into the sport and convinced me to give sculling a go.  She will work you hard, and from a technique standpoint, is an excellent coach.  Our long rows around Horseshoe Island are some of my favourite memories of each summer and, as a Himalayan climber and skier, I find the discipline of staying in shape over the summer under Kathy’s programs has prepared me well for upcoming adventures from a fitness and mental toughness standpoint.  Thank you Kathy and Hatchets!

Laurie Campbell 2012 - Present written: 2016

Laurie Campbell
2012 - Present
written: 2016

Laurie Campbell

"Rowing was always something that I thought I'd like to try 'one day'. Four summers ago, I decided to investigate the rowing programs offered by Hatchets Rowing Centre, and found the learn to row program.  As a mature, inexperienced newby to rowing, I was continually supported by the amazing coaches, who encouraged my struggling efforts with such patience and enthusiasm! Their love of the sport was contagious!  After one season on the water, I was hooked!
I have returned each season since then to participate in the Fitness Rowing sessions, and with Kathy and Jeremy's continued coaching and supportive encouragement, have noted a dramatic improvement in both my rowing technique and my level of fitness.  Kathy and Jeremy have created a wonderful, inclusive atmosphere at the centre and I'd highly recommend Hatchets Rowing Centre to anyone who has ever wanted to try rowing.  It's an amazing workout that is a lot of fun, with a great group of people, all while enjoying the beauty of being on the water in Muskoka!