Learn To Row Program

You've always wanted to - now's your chance to learn to row in Muskoka this summer! We have one of the most beautiful waterways to row on in Canada, and you don’t need any experience to get started.

No experience is required, anyone can learn to row, and we have both the equipment and coaching to suit all types of bodies and learning styles.

Our Learn to Row programs are conducted in one of two ways:
A) Three 1-hour on-on-one sessions, scheduled during any of our available time slots. The closer together you choose the sessions, the more you will remember in between sessions. In the one-on-one sessions, you will be rowing in one of our wider and more stable touring singles (one person boat).
B) Two 2-hour group sessions, with up to 4 rowers in each session. Since we have more rowers, we allow a bit more time on the water. In our group sessions, you will have a chance to row in one of our wider and more stable touring singles (one person boat), and may also get a chance to go in a quad (4 person boat).

During our first hour, we cover everything you need to know on land before you get going, and the rest of the time is spent on the water learning skills and starting to find a bit of a rhythm. The goal of the Learn to Row program is to cover all of the skills and technique you need to be able to row on your own and navigate down the river.

Once you've finished our learn to row program, you'll likely be ready to join any of our non-competitive programs to continue building your skill and fitness and getting out on the water, or to work towards a competitive program. If you'd still like a bit more time one-on-one with a coach, or if you would prefer a personal coaching approach, you are welcome to book our personal coaching sessions.