This 16 foot long shell is stable, fun and super maneuverable. It is an ideal boat for younger or lighter rowers that want a nimble yet stable shell. It weighs 44lbs and can be quite easily taken in and out of the water so you can enjoy some morning rows without having to wake anyone up to help you.

To Purchase

Visit us in Port Carling to purchase your own Offshore 16.

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The MISSION OFFSHORE 16 rowing shell is made by a company in Ontario that builds many different types of hulls for canoeing and kayaking. Visit their website here.

Unlike most rowing shells, the Offshore 16 has a keel on the bottom of the hull rather than a fin which means that it can be stored sitting upright in a boathouse or on a dock.

The adjustable footboard allows the rower to adjust the boat to fit the shortest to the tallest person. This means your stroke is perfect for your body size.

The hull of the MISSION OFFSHORE 16 is made of a carbon fiber material built to withstand both flat and open water conditions while being stable and easy to maneuver.

The carbon seat and bearing wheels allow for a smooth stroke when going up and down the slide.

The MISSION OFFSHORE 16 is ideal for rowers who want a stable shell that’s easy to maneuver and fun to row! Whether it’s for a great workout or just for fun, the Offshore 16 is a great fit!

Product Specifications:

Length: 16' (4.9m)
Weight: 44lbs